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AQUALYX is a newest generation preparation used for injection fatty tissue reduction. Our salon offers injective fatty tissue reduction with the use of two preparations: Aqualyx and Lipostabilon. AQUALYX is the outcome of research started in 2002, which implied that sodium deoxycholate is the substance responsible for adipocytolysis of fatty tissues. In 2007 Professor Motolese developed a preparation based on sodium deoxycholate and a new technique of performing the treatment. The treatment with the use of Aqualyx preparation leads to destruction of fatty tissues subjected to the active substance.

How does Aqualyx work?

Aqualyx is a phosphatidylcholine -free solution, in which the main substance is sodium deoxycholate . The substance dissolves fat and destroys cellular membrane - in a process called adipocytolysis. When injected into the fatty tissue, Aqualyx causes the destruction of fatty tissues, which are then transported into the liver and excreted by the kidneys.

What does the treatment with the Aqualyx preparation entail?

Once the physician qualifies the patient to undergo the treatment, the part of the body to be injected is laid out. The intralypotherapy treatment consists in administering the Aqualyx preparation directly into the fatty tissue through injection. Usually these are 2 injections using a special needle. The injected preparation is additionally composed of an anaesthetising preparation, which makes the treatment actually painless. The entire procedure takes 30 minutes. After the treatment the, the injected area could be swollen and locally bruised and tender.

What are the advantages of the Aqualyx treatment?

The treatment is less invasive and painful because the number of injections (1-2) is decreased. The effectiveness is increased thanks to the change of active substance.

Which areas can be treated?


The treatment can be performed on numerous area of the body such as:

  • folds on the back (below the ribs),
  • upper limbs in the area of triceps,
  • abdomen,
  • hips,
  • 'jodhpurs',
  • area under the buttock,
  • inner side of the thighs,
  • inner side of the knees,
  • double chin/modelling the jaw line,
  • male gynecomastia,
  • lipomas,
  • buffalo hump (after anti-retroviral therapy).

In the case of unusual areas it is required to get the approval from a physician who performs the treatment.

What are the contraindications?

  • acute kidney and liver diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • blood diseases connected with excessive bleeding, permanent use of blood-thinning medicine,
  • some thyroid diseases (Aqualyx can be performed on patients with thyroid autoimmune disorders, Hashimoto disease, but only in the case when the level of antibodies is low or equals zero),
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is Axualyx safe?

Yes, because Aqualyx is the only medical material in the world with a registered CE mark for reduction of locally accumulated fatty tissue, only by injection technique of intralypotherapy. The treatments are performed only by physicians who have been properly trained by the distributor (Fenice Company).

AQUALYX is a newest generation preparation used for injection fatty tissue reduction.



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